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Monday, September 20, 2010

iCP back up!

iCP is Finally back up! They replaced the old server with a new, more efficient server. So no more common downtime and connection lost! So far, the Only servers working are Nowhere Land and Snowy Chill. Be patient, as the rest of the iCP team are working on other servers. Have fun and Join iCP!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

iCP is under extensive work

As you all know, iCP is currently down for the moment. But here I am to tell you the current news and progress!

      -Moderators say so far they are working on the Main Server
      - iCP currently is switching servers and website is now acting up but will be brought back in a moment.
      - Basically, The iCPv3 team is working on the servers for the game so that they could handle more stress.

       Stay connected to this Blog for the Latest iCP News and Updates.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Club Penguin Mural in Haiti finished & iCP news so far

The Mural that was being made for Haiti is Finally finished! Here are some pictures that Billybob posted up from the Mural!

                         Tell me what you think about the Mural in the Comments below! Also, iCP finally was up but now the game AND website/forum/chat is down. Be Patient and Stay connected to this Blog!

iCPv3 Official Youtube Channel!

Now, iCP has an official Youtube Channel. They only have 4 videos, 3 videos from the commercial contest, and 1 video for being the winner of that contest. Make sure that you subscribe to iCPv3 right away! Also try keeping in touch with the Youtube Channel if you can't communicate with iCP services in other ways.

Friday, September 17, 2010

iCPv3 is down during Mascot Week!

During this week, iCP has made it "Mascot week" which basically is that they give us abilities to use the certain commands for a mascot so we can be one just for a week. Well during this week, There had been a lot of downtime for most days since the Mascot week started. Most reasons are included:

-Charles is switching the game from PHP to C++
- iCP has increased in player population tremendously
- Updates in Game
- Mainly, Stress on servers.

I suggest for all iCP users to be patient, as Charles and the Team are working on new features and updates already and they have to bring iCP back up. So please make it easier for them, and stop flooding them with complaining. Thank You and this is Jake Guard done!