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Commands of iCPv3

Here are the commands for new users of iCP! Also there are the new commands that were recently made for the server,"The Mobocracy."

!FJR = Join any room you want to be in with the same people that you were in the first room. Basically, You just changed the Town into the Dock with the same people. You will need to know Room IDs. Scroll all the way to the bottom for these IDs http://blog.cinos11.com/club-penguin-ids/

!AI = This command is used to add items to your player for free. After entering the command, insert a clothing ID for the specific item you want. For example, I would say !AI 221=Black Hoodie. You can get a list of IDs here http://www.cpcheats.info/item-ids-swf/

!AC = This command adds coins to your inventory. You can only add up to 5,000 coins a time.

!JR = The same command as !FJR except you actually join the real room.

!PIN = This command makes whatever clothing ID you enter into a pin for your Penguin.

!PING = This command allows the iCP bot to reply with saying,"Ping."

!AF = This adds Furniture items to your storage in your Igloo.

!ID = This makes the iCP bot reply telling your Penguin ID.

!UI or !IGLOO = Updates your Igloo to another Igloo with and ID.

!UM OR !MUSIC = Updates your Igloo music with a Music ID

!UF OR !FLOOR = Updates the Flooring of yor igloo with your Floor ID

!MP  = Changes Size or Appearance with the Following Combinations:

  • !MP _xscale 300

  • !MP _yscale 300

  • !MP _rotation 180

  • !MP blendMode invert

  • !MP blendMode alpha

  • !MP blendMode subtract

  • !MP blendMode add

  • !MP blendMode multiply

  •                              Enjoy Your Commands! Note: The Igloo,Music,Floor, and Furniture IDs also come from the Link for the Clothing IDs.